Dryshipper? Straw transport


Frozen semen has to be cooled at a very low temperature, even during transport.
The cooling is done by liquid nitrogen.


Traditional transport with liquid container:

Usualy transport is done with a liquid container ("super thermos") filled with liquid nitrogen.


Liquid nitrogen can be very dangerous.
When it comes in contact with the skin it can cause burn wounds.

When the container fals over, liquid nitrogen will poor out and evaporate.
Each liter liquid nitrogen will become 700 liter gas.
This might cause suffication.

The temperature in the container will rise rapitly and the straws get lost.


Can't this safer? Yes that is possible!

To ensure safe transport for the driver and straws we ship in dryshippers.

What is a dryshipper?

A dryshipper is basicly a super thermos filled with liquid nitrogen as well.

But in a dryshipper there is a substance that binds the liquid.

Before the transport the remaining liquid is poored out.

A small bit might remain in the container, but this is far less dangerous than in a traditional container.
The dangerous liquid is now captured.



Does the dryshipper tip over only a small ammount of vapour comes off, but no dangerous ammounts of liquid nitrogen.
Even upside down there is no danger and the dryshipper will keep your straws safe for days.



How does a dryshipper work?

The liquid nitrogen is absorbed by a medium in the dryshipper and slowly evapourates.
By this evapouration it cools the dryshipper and keeps it at a safe temperature during transport, without quality los.


How long can the straws be stored in the dryshipper?

This depends on the type of dryshipper and outside temperature.

On very hot days more coolant is used.

We use dryshippers that last a minimum of 5 days or longer.




When tipped over no risk on suffication and less likely to cause burns.

Easy to transport.

More reliable, even cold upside down!

Less chance on quality loss.


It takes more time to prepare the dryshipper for transport.

Best practice is to fill the container with small bits of nitrogen.
It takes some time for the medium to absob the liquid.

Often 4 to 6 refills are neccecary to fill the shipper to it's maximum capacity.

Next the dryshipper sits overnight and next morning the weight is checked.
This way it is sure the shipper works optimal and is filled to it's maximum capacity.





Dryshipper Ready for transport

Dryshipper with straws (empty)