It's possible to have your straws shipped.
We use special "dryshippers" for this to transport your straws under the right conditions.


The costs for shipping in the Netherlands are €50,- including vat.

There is a deposit of €150,- on the dryshipper, which you need to return within 10 days after you receive it.
(this can be done by any parcel service)


More information on dryshippers 


Even though we ship with the best care, shipping is for your own risk.
We advise to insure your straws prior to shipping.


If you want to ship your straws please send an email (

with the following information:

1) your records for the shipping invoice

2) the address where the straws need to be shipped

3) a copy or your purchase invoice


Liquid nitrogen


We can fill your transport containere.

The costs are €5,- including vat per liter.